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    Our goal at Pit Bowl Retrofitters is to provide Real Estate

    Agents and their clients with quality service.  We know how
    valuable your time is in today's daily hustle and bustle. 
    Therefore, allow us to help make your selling process a

    smooth transaction. 



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    525 N. Lomita St.

    Burbank, CA 91506

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Contact Information

Phone: (818) 841-8016 

 Fax: (818) 841-1539


      PitBowl Services

      1.6 GPF low flush toilets. 

      Shower heads 2.5 GPF

      Safety film for Sliding Glass Doors.

      Water heater strapping. 

      Certificates of compliance.

      Seismic gas shut off valves.

      Retrofit Inspection.

      Installation of hardwired smoke detectors.


We inspect homes that are in the process of being sold. 

An estimate, based on the retrofit items needed to close

escrow, is provided within 24 hours of inspection.   

Once we receive a signed estimate we can  install the

items at your request. 


Please contact our office with additional questions.



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